Congenital Heart Program at Albany Medical Center Hospital

The pediatric cardiologists of Capital District Pediatric Cardiology are members of the Congenital Heart Program at Albany Medical Center Hospital. The Congenital Heart Program is a team approach to the management of congenital heart disease and congenital heart surgery under the leadership of congenital heart surgeon Dr. Neil Devejian. In addition to a congenital heart surgeon and pediatric cardiologists, the team consists of pediatric anesthesiologist, pediatric intensive care physicians, neonatologists, and specialized nurses. The team works closely together every day and formally meets once a week. All cardiac in-patient care, including all surgeries and all cardiac catheterizations, take place at Albany Medical Center Hospital.

Congenital cardiac surgery programs in New York State are closely monitored by the New York State Department of Health. Available data from 2002-2009 show that the Congenital Heart Program at Albany Medical Center Hospital has the lowest observed (actual) mortality rate (OMR) in New York State.

1 Albany Medical Center 624 13 2.08
2 Weil Cornell 547 17 3.10
3 Columbia Presbyterian 3431 117 3.41
4 Monefiore 435 16 3.68
5 Mount Sinai 1134 42 3.70
6 NYU Hospital Center 618 23 3.72
7 Upstate-Syracuse 480 21 4.37
8 Westchester Medical Center 497 22 4.43
9 Long Island Jewish 1273 57 4.47
10 Strong Memorial 1252 62 4.95

2002-2005 data: 2005_pediatric_congenital_cardiac_surgery.pdf

2006-2009 data: 2009_pediatric_congenital_cardiac_surgery.pdf